February - April 2016

Art. Work. examines the spectrum of craftsmanship and fine art in an effort to track the recent movement of artists’ work towards production-oriented processes such as ceramics, printmaking, weaving, and fiber art. The exhibition dovetails on the identity of the contemporary artist, whose brand is ever less determined by the genius of a few select works, but instead, by a larger body of products people want and can feasibly consume. 

From the frame loom weavings of Hilary Bird, to the ceramic sculptures of Kahlil Irving, the corded bowls and wall hangings of Angela Malchionno, and the various iterations of printmaking by Kevin McCoy, Art. Work. offers multiple—and perhaps, conflicting—perspectives as to why artists choose to work in processes as such these, while simultaneously advocating for craft medium as an increasingly feasible method of survival by art workers under the constraints of modern economics. 

In an effort to document the trajectory of “the artist as maker and entrepreneur,” the work in this exhibition will be available for purchase beginning 6:00PM at the February 20th opening reception. As work is purchased and begins to disappear from the walls, you the consumer will become part of the performance—advancing our inquiries as to what it means for art to be commodified and how economics have steered the intentions of modern makers and shaped the contemporary arts ecosphere at large.